The word freedom must precede all your actions! Thinking, talking and living...


Liberty Congress Centre is a magical meeting center that is integrated into nature,lets you breathe through its glass and steel structure, and prompts your senses with the sunlight, high ceilings,and spectacular views of the mountains, sea, forests.

As one of the best meeting complexes in Turkey; Liberty, Terrace Foyer, Cocktail Garden offers an aesthetical working experience at the full-sunshine lounge and other units.

An inspiring nature and an emancipating architecture.

Liberty Congress Centre is a state-of-the-art and ergonomic structure; it is eguipped with cutting edge technology, audio and lighting systems, presentation and display features, and screens built-in the hall doors and general spaces that enables you to follow up with the program and the flow, wireless internet and specific number of notebooks for general usage. Everything one might need is for a better guality communication...

A kitchen unit dedicated to the congress center that is capable of serving to 1000 people simultaneously, a hygienic and quick service team and special menus... It i svery easy for our distinguished animation team to make a visual feast out of your themed meetings; a briefing that you will make in an appropriate time is good enough for an unforgettable presentation.

Conference Rooms

The Liberty Congress Center has taken ownership of our cultural heritage by naming our conference rooms with the names of intellectuals, artists, poets and scientists who have made a significant, historical contribution to humanity.



Theatre Layout

Category Layout

U Layout


Mevlana 1000 8,1 1000 480 145 650
Mevlana-1 660 8,1 660 330 100 450
Mevlana-2 340 8,1 340 170 90 200
Mevlana Fuaye 320
Mevlana Teras 210
Yunus Emre 687 5,1 650 380 100
Yunus Emre-1 340 5,1 250 140 45
Yunus Emre-2 340 5,1 250 140 45
Aristo 127 2,85 100 45 40
Eflatun 124 2,85 100 45 40
Hipokrat 99 2,85 90 30 30
İbn-i Sina 78 2,85 75 30 30
Aşık Veysel 35 2,1
Ziya Gökalp 36 2,1
Pir Sultan Abdal 31 2,1
Mehmet Akif 32 2,1
Namık Kemal 32 2,1
Nazım Hikmet 46 2,1
Halide Edip Adıvar 57 2,1